• Hotel Inferno II a besoin de financement !

    Bonsoir !

    Petit partage afin d'aider un peu Necrostorm qui a besoin de financement pour Hotel Inferno II : The Cathedral of Pain ! Lien en bas pour participer au financement.


    Here at Necrostorm, we’re putting every shred of our financial and filmmaking efforts into making Hotel Inferno II:
    the FIRST COLOSSAL-SCALE splatter film EVER.
    Over 8,000 blood-soaked practical effects. 1000 intricate animatronics. Eye-melting 4K resolution. Astonishing digital FX. Huge monsters. Gigantic sets. Hundreds of actors and a selection of action/gore scenes the likes of which you’ve NEVER seen before. This movie is intended to re-write the definition of the Splatter Film – finally bringing the genre to levels comparable to any other big-budget Hollywood movie. So far, the film is 50% in the can and our staff have already begun editing the first part. In fact, we also have 4 other Hotel Inferno sequels currently at pre-production stage.

    But to make Hotel Inferno II the COLOSSAL film we all want to see, we need YOUR help.
    If you pre-order one of the available packages today, your faith in us will go directly into making one of the most mind-blowing splatter movies ever created – and, of course, you’ll receive your purchase as soon as the movie is released (there is currently no set release date).
    More importantly, you’ll play your part in writing a new page in cinema history: the day the splatter film ‘levelled up’ and took Hollywood head-on.
    We do have the means and ability to finish the film, but without your help it simply won’t be on the game-changing scale we sorely want to achieve.
    YOU will make all the difference... and help us create the first ever COLOSSAL SPLATTER FILM
    Click the link below:
    http://www.necrostorm.com/movies/hotelinferno2/buy.html "

    Hotel Inferno II a besoin de financement !

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